How long does shipping take?

We ship out products between 1-3 business days.  Most of the time it would be 1-2 business days pending on how many orders we have during that time.  If you purchase regular shipping, shipping time takes about 3-5 business days based off USPS shipping average time.  We do not ship out on weekends as our office is closed.  

How long Does it take for you to reply back to my message?

We usually take about 24 business hours to reply back or sooner!  On the rare occasions that we do not reply back, feel free to email us again.  If you want to try to contact us through our Facebook page, you are welcome to do so and one of our reps will reply back as soon as they can. 

Do you ship international? and can you mark as gift for customs?

We do ship international.  At the moment with our website being new, we are slowly upgrading the site to be better and better.  As of right now, we will send you an invoice through paypal to pay if you are international. 

With customs, we follow all international shipping rules and will put the full value of the item when we ship out.  

Please note that shipping prices may cost more pending on weight and size for international shipping.